A Zentai Wife’s Story

Posted by Zentai John on 06:58 AM, 11-May-12

Both my husband and I are zentai fans and so we have a lot of various zentai suits at home like,full bodysuits,female bodysuit and so you.I am lucky as my husband love me very much.So I just like a princess at home and I often ask him to wear zentai together with me for fun.That night carved in my brain.

The next day was my birthday and so my husband told me that he would give me surprise.Okay.I was waiting for it.As usual,we had a candlelight dinner and we nearly would finish it but I had not see the surprise.So,I played the woman.It worked.He took me a box and I could not wait to open it.Holly gap!It was a golden zentai!I was very excited as I had been looking for it a long time.Well I slipped into it and awesome!I was really enjoying the new zentai.I said thank you dear many times.He said that I just like an angle in it.

Then my husband hugged me tight and he was touching my body and kissing me at the same time.Although I was in zentai,I could still feel his hot.We were kissing and we had a wonderful night!


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